Our Vision & Priorities

In 2022 the PCC agreed that it was time to do a full review and restart of its Mission Action Plan – being post covid and two years with our new incumbent.

At this stage our vision retains its core message – “Celebrating and sharing God’s love”.

We have agreed three main elements in our plan – across the next 5 years.

12 months

Produce a Welcome Pack for Newcomers

Produce a Parish Prayer

Increase our worshipping community by 1%

Run a Stewardship programme

Find out what our community wants (Survey)

More visibility within our community

3 years

Increase our worshipping community by 5%

Repair to full working order the Carillon bells

Renew our sound system

Look at putting in an Audio/Visual system

5 years

Ensure our building is fully waterproof

Increase our worshipping community by 10%

Repair and reorder the church to create a fully accessible, inviting and creative space with accessible facilities for all

St. Andrew & St. George, St. George's Way, Stevenage SG1 1XX

Celebrating and Sharing God's Love